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"I’m incredibly grateful to have taken part in the company of the elder brothers, spiritual guardians of the heart of the world, my friends from One Santuario One Love, and the indigenous Arhuaco and Wiwa during the special ceremony ‘The Sacred Path to the Origin’.I believe that the experience can be as well personal, reflective, and healing to some people as it was for me. The experience was particularly special because I got to experience it together with my four and a half year old son Noah Pele. And the more I reflect on that experience, I feel it was not coincidental that we got to share it together. I believe that the shared journey that my son and I are experienced together is connected at its core to maternal feminine energy and healing.The opportunity to rebuild this sacred space stone by stone was symbolic into the journey my son and I are taking together and separately ever since he was in my belly.The winding path of the Labyrinth brought me back to my pregnancy period to the feelings and emotions of the divine connection between me and my son while he was in my womb; a sense of wonder, feelings of love, a deep connection to my femininity and an infinite connection to everything. And so from my own personal experience I would recommend mothers and parents to have this experience with their children at any age at any stage. Come to this experience with open heart."
Alegra Ally, Cultural Anthropologist, Gough Explorer of the Year 2020

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